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iTunes_logo at https://www.mixmeisteracademy.comMixMeister Express is an excellent tool for creating seamless class playlists but I feel iTunes is better for organizing your music. This is important if you use music to help set cadence (pedal speed) or plan your classes around the music’s intensity. So I guess you need both. We can help 🙂

Video Tutorials – Organizing music in iTunes.

The following Six (6) videos are based on a concept I developed called Training Rates. Training Rates are my new method of organizing music that will simplify your life and add structure to your Indoor Cycling Class.

Important note: These videos are based on an older version of iTunes. A few parts may look a little different, but shouldn’t make any real difference. The MixMeister Express Academy includes the most current iTunes information and is regularly updated.

If you haven’t seen it already, start with my Introduction to Training
Rates Video
. It explains the Training Rate concept and how I feel
it will be helpful to you.

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Step #1 is setting up iTunes.
We start by setting the preferences in iTunes and adding a few columns.

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Step #2 creating smart playlists in iTunes. In this step I show how
to use Smart Playlists to automatically organize your music by Training Rates.
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Step #3 sampling and assigning Training Rates to music in your
iTunes library.
I show you how to use a “tap to the beat” beat counter to find the Training Rate level of each track, add the prefix and rate it’s intensity.

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Step #4 sampling and assigning Training Rates from a CD. Here’s how to sample and only import the music you want, while assigning Training Rates.

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Step #5 creating a class playlist based on Training Rates. Watch as I bring it all together and create a new, structured, Indoor Cycling Class playlist.

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Now that you have all this time invested in organizing your music, may I suggest you invest $5.00 a month to automatically protect it? I’m using Carbonite’s on-line backup service to insure my music. They have a free trial here


Here are links to the “Tap to the Beat” music counting tools I reference in the videos. These are not automatic counters! They require you to sample (listen) to each song and manually tap out the tempo, with your finger, that you hear using the Enter key or Space Bar.

Remember, it’s not the BPM that you pedal to, it’s the Training Rate you hear that you match with your leg speed. Then you can add the Training Rate prefix to the song. In the MixMeister Express Academy we talk about how it’s important that you listen with your ears – computers don’t have ears – to decide what sounds right for your Indoor Cycling Class.

Mac version: Click Picture to download

Windows BPM counter: click picture to download

Click picture to download
Click picture to download

Your computer anti-virus software may ask for your approval before it will open it.

Here is a video that shows how to use it.

Both are very easy to use. I’m not a Mac guy so I can’t help with your setup.

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