There are two paths you can go by …

two paths on

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on… Led Zeppelin, Stair Way To Heaven.

Yes, when it comes to learning something new there are always two ways you can approach a task. Amy (the senior Group Fitness Instructor in our family) would tell you; there are two ways of doing most anything… there’s the guy’s way and then the right way!

“Ask for directions? Are you kidding? If you have a lot of extra time and the patience to work through the normal frustrations involved with learning something new, then go for it. If you want to spend the whole weekend learning how to mix your playlists, be my guest. Here is the link to purchase MixMeister Express. But you are on your own.

But maybe you have a family, job and other responsibilities that have you thinking; “I would love to have a more professional sound in my class. How can I learn to master this task quickly and efficiently and then put it in practice?” (or as Amy would say, “the right way”)

You would find someone who knows more than you and ask for some help, wouldn’t you? If you are lost somewhere you stop and ask a local for directions.

When it’s technology you seek out an expert…

That’s where we come in.

Keith Burnage, the creative genius behind the Cadence Revolution is an expert at using MixMeister Express to quickly and easily create seamless playlists for his weekly music podcast.


I’m devoted to helping Indoor Cycling Instructor’s take their classes to the next level, what we call Indoor Cycling 2.0

Together we created the MixMeiser Express Academy.

Here you will learn how to unlock the secrets of MixMeister Express music mixing software and quickly and easily begin creating seamless playlists for your Spinning / Indoor Cycling Classes.

The academy is based on a series of Step by Step Video Tutorials designed for the beginner MixMeister Express user.

Learn at your own pace. Feel free to watch each video as many times as you like during your 30 day subscription.

ZERO RISK – Money Back Guarantee. Pay the tuition (one time payment of $19.97) and work through all the lessons. If at the end, you don’t feel you have the skills and confidence to create professionally sounding, seamless playlists for your Indoor Cycling class, we will refund your tuition.

You don’t even have to purchase MixMeister Express to get started. Download the free trial software here

Ready to get started? Here’s where you register.

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