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UPDATE: We are no longer updating this information = it is now available to everyone at no charge. Some of the content is outdated, however you’ll find that much of it could be helpful to you 🙂

Keith Burnage, the creator of the weekly music podcast Cadence Revolution, is an expert at creating seamless music playlists using MixMeister Express.

Keith and I have created ten (10) Step by Step Video Tutorials to walk you through setting up iTunes, building and mixing, and then exporting your finished seamless playlist in time for your next class!



Sure, you could figure this out on your own.

But who has the time to waste when you have someone ready, right now, to show you how?


In a little over an hour, we will teach you everything you need to produce high quality, seamless, class playlists you can be proud of.

Your class will love the continuous flow of your music. No more interruptions, no awkward gaps, just a smooth steady flow of energy. You just may become the envy of the other instructors in your club!

Learn at your own pace. This is self directed learning. Each lesson video is 10 minutes or less. After you complete the lesson, you are encouraged to complete that lesson’s skill on you own. Feel free to watch each video as many times as you like during your 30 day subscription.

Here are some of tips, tricks and short-cuts you will learn as a student of the MixMeister Express Academy:

  • Video #1 Your music in iTunes probably won’t work in MixMeister ….. until we show you how to convert your music to the proper format.
  • Video #2 There are four ways to import your music library into MixMeister Express. We help you to decide which is best.
  • Video #3 Building your playlist…. it’s going to sound great!
  • Video #4 Learning cross-fading techniques for smooth transitions
  • Video #5 Using beat-matching for a professional sound
  • Video #6 Exporting your seamless playlist to CD or iPod
  • Video #7 Advanced music mixing techniques the Pro’s use
  • Video #8 Lengthen and shorten songs to the perfect length
  • Additional Video Tips and Tricks + Student requested Videos
  • These Videos are for Windows XP and Vista users only
  • MixMeister Software is not included in your tuition

Ready to take your music to the next level?

Click here for video #1


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