Lesson 02 – Simple methods for importing your music into MixMeister

Now that you have all your music converted to .mp3s you are ready to Import your music into MixMeister Express. In Lesson 2 we discuss four different methods for importing and help you decide which way is best for you.

NOTE: These videos were made using Windows Vista. One of the methods shown will be slightly different for users of Windows XP.   See Video #9 – working with Windows XP for more information.

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Lesson 02 Homework

Import your music into MixMeister Express. You may find it helpful to start with just 10 – 15 tracks at first, just enough to work with in the upcoming videos.

The scanning process does take awhile, so plan accordingly. If you import a large library I suggest starting the process and then leaving until MixMeister Express is finished.

Then you should be ready for Lesson 03.

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